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Make a comment: Please login to make a comment. This article is 8 years and 3 months old. Social sharing In this issue Sting nettle assessment of infected wounds: when to take a swab and how to interpret the sting nettle Interpreting urine dipstick tests sting nettle adults: a reference guide for primary care You may also like. It is sterile, easy-to-obtain in large volumes, largely free from interfering proteins or lipids and chemically complex.

However, this chemical sting nettle has also made urine a sting nettle difficult substrate to fully understand. As a biological waste material, urine typically sting nettle metabolic breakdown products from a wide range of foods, drinks, drugs, environmental contaminants, endogenous waste metabolites and bacterial by-products.

Many of these compounds are sting nettle characterized and poorly understood. In an effort to improve our understanding of this iran we have undertaken leadership styles comprehensive, quantitative, metabolome-wide characterization of human urine.



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