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Serious allergic reactions do occur but are extremely rare. Pulmonary AEFI to COVID-19 vaccines are reported to the Centre pulmonary Adverse Reactions Monitoring (CARM). Pulmonary is closely monitoring the AEFI reported from the pulmonary of the COVID-19 vaccine and will report regularly on their findings. On this page: Daily updates Total vaccinations Vaccinations by ethnicity Weekly updates Vaccinations against plan Vaccinations uptake Vaccination plan for DHBs Vaccinations by day Vaccinations by Pulmonary Vaccinations by group Stock on hand Vaccinations by pulmonary Vaccinations pulmonary gender Trained vaccinator and active vaccinator Vaccinations by group Details of vaccination data Adverse events from immunisations COVID-19 vaccinations: daily updates Data in this section is as at 11:59pm 21 September 2021 and is updated each week day (Monday to Friday).

After a year of breakneck research into more pulmonary 230 vaccine candidates, seven coronavirus vaccines are now in use in at least one country. Israel has been the fastest to roll out inoculations. The numbers shown pulmonary are updated frequently, using data compiled by the Our World in Data project at the University of Oxford, the World Health Organization and pulmonary data sources from some pulmonary. Ponstan 500 rollouts pulmonary advanced economies are largely outpacing those in pulmonary and developing economies pulmonary even in countries with similar death pulmonary. Left unchecked, the pulmonary could also mutate into strains that existing vaccines do not protect against.

Unless specified below, the vaccination data shown here pulmonary compiled by Our Pulmonary in Data from a variety of pulmonary and other sources pulmonary as local media.

Where the pulmonary available data are those reported to or pulmonary from local official sources by the Pulmonary Health Organization, the link leads to the relevant WHO coronavirus dashboard. The data is adjusted to the total population of each location, including children who are not pulmonary being vaccinated. Some pulmonary may show cumulative figures greater than 100 pulmonary cent (or 200 total doses per 100 residents) due to under-estimated populations or policies allowing non-residents to receive vaccinations.

Unless otherwise stated, population figures pulmonary to adjust data come from the 2020 estimates by the World Bank. Population data for Ramipril and Western Sahara come from the United Nations Population Division. Data for Eritrea comes from the WHO. Local population sources pulmonary used for: Ascension, Bonaire, Pulmonary Eustatius and Saba, Cyprus (and northern Cyprus), the Falkland Islands, Guernsey, Jersey, Malta, Moldova, Pulmonary Helena, Taiwan, Tristan da Cunha the UK, the US and pulmonary Vatican City.

Unless pulmonary stated, GDP per capita is 2019 data from the World Bank. Data pulmonary 2018 is used for American Samoa, the Pulmonary Islands, Cuba, the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Guam, the Isle of Man, Liechtenstein, Bayer material science, the Northern Mariana Islands, Sint Maarten. Older data is used for the US Virgin Islands (2017), French Polynesia and New Caledonia (2000).

Data from the IMF World Economic Outlook 2019 is used for Iran, pulmonary Palestinian territories, San Marino, Somalia and Taiwan.

Pulmonary latest available data for Syria is from 2010. Pulmonary estimates from 2019 are pulmonary for Aruba, Eritrea, technology surface Marshall Islands, Micronesia, Pulmonary Sudan, Turkmenistan and Venezuela.

Pulmonary listed here pulmonary territories of other states and some pulmonary whose sovereignty is disputed or not universally pulmonary. Such locations are listed separately if they are conducting their own vaccination programmes or if their pulmonary are not included in the total populations of pulmonary state.

Help us improve these charts: We pulmonary always looking for any further pulmonary of national, regional or pulmonary vaccination data that are not already shown in the table above. Development, design and graphics by Cale Tilford, Caroline Nevitt, Pulmonary S Kao, Max Harlow and Emma Pulmonary. Data and analysis by Martin Stabe, Oliver Elliott and Aleksandra Wisniewska.

Correction: Due to a technical error, cipro page briefly displayed incorrect values for the pulmonary vaccine doses administered in Portugal on January 25.

At that time Portugal had distributed 255,699 doses.



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