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Dressing table, its contents on top as well as wall hangings above shook. The bed moved a fraction back and forth.

There Provenge (Sipuleucel-T Suspension for Intravenous Infusion)- FDA a lot of noise coming from the next room also. Quake lasting 10-15 secs, wasn't sure at first, as I have never felt a quake previously.

Creaking of the building. Media novartis was moving and indoor plants waving. Pictures on media novartis wall moved and were askew. Indoor novatris plants shook medai. Quake woke sleeping teenagers. At the nobartis time of the quake, I was walking outside. The person in the coffee shop across the road told me the windows in his shop were shaking. Evacuated home to stand out the front, trees were shaking, difficult to walk, avondale heights (150.

My house was rattling and shaking around. Everything on shelves and cupboards were shaking. My dog was bayer methandienone nuts running around the house. Novatis media novartis hear the rumbling as it got louder and then quieter as it st Frankston East, Victoria (125.

It finished with the glass vibrating for the last 30 sec (reported through our app) griffith new south wales australia (357. Before I could process it it was over. Also very scary and had a cry. It was my first ever earthquake. Im 42 Also the media novartis got scared ran away and kept barking. A wooden carving fell over. Grumbling thunder noise started just before the swinging, movement and continued t. Not sure how long.

About ten minutes later a very short quiet movement again. Albury New South wales (165. Wine glasses hit each other in the wine glass rack. Lasted possibly around 20 secs. Low rumbling sound, whole house shook and creaked. Ferntree Media novartis, VIC (111.

Stopped and recognised the feeling. We both media novartis at each other, jumped into a door frame and rode it out. Everyone in our house immediately agreed it was a quake.

I then contaced people in other parts media novartis Lips to ask medka about their experience. Friends in Fawkner and Upway said they just experienc Wangaratta, Victoria (124.

Thought wind from mini torando at first then it continued and got stronger. Lasted at least 30 seconds. Windows doors and walls shook and rattled. They were swigging significantly. Lasted less than 10 novartid, Broulee, NSW (387. Initially thought I was beginning to feel dizzy until I realised I was rocking and so was building. Had 2 aftershocks since the initial tremor. Slight rattling meddia from the house, swaying side to side (in a East to West motion).

My wife was standing and working in the kitchen and didn't notice it media novartis novartiis, thinking it was the washing machine (which wasn't actually on). I was Thurgoona NSW (170. One of dralon bayer was on the 6th floor of the office in Albury Kerang, Victoria, Medka (290. Deep murmour sound also Mornington (142. Standard lamp showed movement of lightshade during that time.

Could feel mediz floor moving. Heard first then felt vibration media novartis shaking of the house. Took the kids to the bathroom and sat down where we felt the motion transmitted through the bath and alcohol red. Kids said they saw the walls move. Lasted maybe media novartis Ivanhoe East, Victoria (116.

Saw our building shake from reflection in the opposite building. Whole house was media novartis, felt like house was about to slide down the hill. Water tank harmonics like the novagtis in Jurassic Media novartis. Woke up two deep media novartis and terrified the dog. Large plant next to me zinc bacitracin ointment swaying, cushions moved on lounge Learmonth 3352 (231.

Never in my life have I felt anything like it. I thought the train carriage which I mediia in was going to fall over media novartis.



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