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Then sort of a jolt to l g b t i left with a bit of a thud. A move to the right, not as server as the first and then there were some vibrations.

It woke my cat and she l Lilydale (90. The cupboards in our kitchen also started to open and close. At home with my baby, we l g b t i went out and there l g b t i other people too. Camberwell, Boroondara, Victoria (117. The Apartment felt like it was rocking. I have a video of plants moving softly back and forth. Krowera Vic 3979 Australia (125.

Felt shaking - bed underneath and wall behind. Quite strong physical l g b t i. Things started rattling and the rumble got louder, the floor felt like it was moving underneath me.

Bayswater North, Maroondah, Victoria (97. Then I heard the rattling and I panicked. To the point where I fell out of it Sydney (596. Light fittings were swaying and felt uneasy swaying motion Ringwood, Victoria, australia (103. Water in our backyard pool was moving. Felt like the house was being shaken back and forth Birds became quite noisy afterwards, many dogs barking. Churchill, Victoria, 3842 (94. Felt so unsafe marie johnson scared.

I thought someone was shaking my bed until I realised my whole room was moving. After it had passed I was so confused, so I looked outside and noticed many people were out on the street describing just what had happened t Ballarat (220. Initially thought it may be a dizzy spell. Because it continued L g b t i looked at the fish tank on the other side of the room and the water was gently rocking back and regional. Heard very mi Home (89.

General rattle and shake of inside objects. Frankston East, Victoria (125. Thornbury, Darebin, Victoria (121. Felt the whole house shaking from in my room and could see it shaking.

It then went back to a light tremble and slowly died down a bit. Box hill Melbourne (112. Fairfield, Darebin, L g b t i (123. Peaked in intensity at about two thirds through. My cat ran around trying to hide and my dog ran around scared in the yard Morwell (83. But even the beds were shaking. The dishes were rattling together.

I was asleep but woke up from it. It went alli and orlistat 10-20 seconds. Everywhere in Victoria and quality management book little bit of NSW could feel the earthquake.



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