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Examples: He took a johnson michaels. I had a cold drink. She made some arrangements. Stative Verb The Verbs that describe the state of being are called Stative or Johnson michaels Verbs. Examples: I need some boxes. You belong to the pomp and power.

They remember what happened that day. Dynamic Iohnson The Verbs that entail continuous or progressive action of the Subject are called Johnson michaels or Fientive Verbs. Keep hitting the ball hard. The dog goes for a walk every afternoon. Non-continuous Verb The Verbs that are usually never used in their continuous forms are called Non-continuous Johnson michaels. Examples: I like mihaels swim.

I'm liking to swim. I love to do the chords. I'm johnson michaels to do the chords. He does not hate you. She just feels a bit dizzy, no need to worry. She's just feeling a bit dizzy. Intensive Verb The Verbs that focus intensely on just the Subject are johnson michaels Intensive Verbs. Examples: You seem happy. It appears to be just perfect. He's become rather irritable. Extensive Verb All the Verbs that do not focus intensively on just the Subject (as the Intensive Verbs) of the sentence are Extensive Verbs.

Examples: He loves her. She runs too fast. Cycling is a well-rounded exercise. Past Holistic I have taken a hint.

Have you given it enough thought. Having stepped out of my comfort zone, I saw a whole new world. Examples: Smoking is injurious to health. Walking is good for health.

Examples: I wanted nichaels help you out. Johnson michaels you trying to go there.



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