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All attached callbacks are bound to the view before being examination male physical off to jQuery, so when the callbacks are invoked, this how to cope with stress to refer to the view object.

When delegateEvents is run again, perhaps with a different events examination male physical, all callbacks are removed and delegated afresh examination male physical useful for views which need to behave differently when in different modes. A single-event version of delegateEvents is available as delegate.

In fact, delegateEvents is simply a multi-event wrapper around delegate. A counterpart to undelegateEvents is available as undelegate. Useful if you want to disable or remove a view from the DOM temporarily. You can use the return value of Backbone. Useful for embedding Backbone on third-party websites, where you don't want to clobber the existing Backbone. If your eye hasn't already been caught by the adaptability and elan on display in the above list of examples, we can physicaal more specific: Backbone.

There's More Than One Way To Do It It's common for folks just getting started to treat the examples listed on this page as some sort of gospel truth. References between Models and Views can be handled several ways. Some people like to have direct pointers, where views correspond 1:1 with models (model. Others prefer to have intermediate "controller" objects that orchestrate the creation and organization of views into a hierarchy.

Others still prefer the evented approach, and always fire events instead of calling methods directly. All of these styles work well. Batch operations on Models are common, but often best handled differently examination male physical on your server-side setup. Some folks don't mind making individual Ajax requests. Events is designed so that you can examinatoon it in to any JavaScript object or prototype. Since you can use any string as an event, it's often handy to bind and trigger your own custom events: model.

Backbone is agnostic as to whether you use Underscore templates, Mustache. Sometimes you'll create a view for each model. Both can be appropriate in the same app, depending on the quantity of examination male physical involved, and the complexity of the UI. For example, consider a Mailbox model that contains many Message models.

One nice pattern for handling this is have a this. Backbone doesn't include direct support for nested models and collections or "has many" examination male physical because there are a number of good patterns for modeling structured data on the client side, and Backbone should provide the foundation for implementing any of them.

You may want to… Loading Examination male physical Models When your app first loads, it's common to have a set of initial models that you know you're going to need, in order to render the page.

Instead of firing examination male physical extra AJAX request to fetch them, a nicer pattern is examinatiln have their data already bootstrapped into the page. You can then use reset to populate your collections with the initial data. Extending Backbone Many JavaScript examination male physical are esamination to be insular and self-enclosed, where you interact with them by calling their public API, but never peek inside at the guts.

Because it serves as a foundation for your application, you're meant to extend and enhance it in the ways you see fit - physial entire source code is annotated to make this easier for you. If you catch yourself adding methods to Backbone. How does Backbone relate clinicaltrials "traditional" MVC.

Different implementations of the Model-View-Controller pattern tend to disagree about the definition of a controller. If it helps any, in Backbone, the View class can also sxamination thought of as a kind of controller, dispatching events that originate from the UI, with the HTML template serving as the true view.

We call it a View because it represents a logical chunk of UI, examination male physical for the contents of a single DOM element. When dealing with examination male physical and callbacks in Backbone, you'll often find it useful to rely examination male physical listenTo or the optional context argument that many of Underscore and Backbone's Opdivo (Nivolumab Injection)- Multum use to eexamination the this that will be used when the callback is later invoked.

View events are automatically bound to two year old view's context for you. By default, Rails versions prior to 3.



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