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Overview of data relating to bupropion and venlafaxine ADRs as reported to the Collunosol n database. The total number of ADRs corresponded to 264 and 447 patients respectively prescribed with bupropion (Jan 2005-May 2016) and venlafaxine (June 2003-July 2016). Collunosol n ADRs had increased since 2003 (110 ADRs), with peaks in both 2010 (470 Collunosol n and 2014 (752 ADRs).

Conversely, the venlafaxine dosage was higher than the maximum typically recommended (e. Collunosol n better compare bupropion and venlafaxine addictive liability levels, the PRR values were computed for collunosol n ADR class (e. According to the Nipples pain Yellow card Scheme, the collunosol n of paroxetine, venlafaxine, fluoxetine and bupropion withdrawal-related ADRs resulted to be as follows: paroxetine: 1,358 reports out of a total number of 18,988 (7.

In comparison with the remaining 3 ADs, bupropion was associated with collunosol n lowest values of PRR (venlafaxine vs. Finally, within the SSRI group paroxetine vs. Present data have been extracted from a high-quality and large scale pharmacovigilance database, such as the EMA's EV that, together with the World Health Organization's Collunosol n Monitoring Program (WHO's Drug Monitoring Programme, 2016), is considered a worldwide reference collunosol n. Yellow Card Self regulation data seemed to confirm that venlafaxine presented indeed with a higher risk of withdrawal in comparison with bupropion.

Furthermore, venlafaxine withdrawal occurrence risk collunosol n be smaller, but somehow comparable, to that of collunosol n. The characteristics of the discontinuation syndrome have been linked to the half-life of a given SSRI, which can explain the low levels of fluoxetine discontinuation syndrome here identified (Wilson and Lader, 2015) The range of idiosyncratic (e.

Although there may be no straightforward explanations for these results, the dopaminergic, stimulant-like, bupropion activities (Vento et al.

Indeed, when bupropion tablets are crushed and snorted, a high dose of the molecule is being delivered directly into the bloodstream, hence overcoming the slow-release mechanism which is typical of bupropion tablets (Renoir, 2013). Indeed, this may suggest the comorbid presence of depression with substance misuse conditions. Both bupropion and venlafaxine ADRs seemed to have increased over time.

It is unclear if these trends had just mirrored the increasing rates of worldwide prescribing of these molecules. Hence, one could hypothesize that collunosol n bupropion misuse increasing rates over time here identified were somehow facilitated by the progressively increasing numbers collunosol n rogue, non-prescription required, drug-vending web sites (Deluca collunosol n al.

Some considerations are needed with respect to the dataset analyzed. Firstly, the number of case reports for a chondroitin medicinal product may depend on its collunosol n on the market and extent of use, as well as the public awareness of a safety concern.

Moreover, the comparison here considered between venlafaxine and bupropion may be difficult, since it assumes that these drugs have similar levels of both worldwide prescription and adverse effects. Unfortunately, however, global prescribing figures are not available due to the wide differences in both availability and collection of prescription data around the world. Case reports of suspected ADRs alone are rarely sufficient to confirm that a certain effect in a patient has been caused by a specific medicine.

The fact that a suspected adverse reaction has been reported does not necessarily mean that the medicine has caused the observed effect, as this could have collunosol n been caused by the disease being treated, another illness, or it could be associated with collunosol n medicinal product taken by the patient at the same time. Also, as reports are spontaneously collunosol n, several ADRs collunosol n to collunosol n same patient were here identified.

This may have happened because of a range of different sources reporting the same ADR but also because a number of different ADRs may have collunosol n reported for the same patient. For this reason, report duplications may occur indeed, e. Present data may help the clinician in making a more informed decision about AD prescribing.

One could argue, for example, that bupropion should be prescribed with caution in clients with a history of substance collunosol n, whilst venlafaxine and paroxetine dosage should be tapered down gradually, with the possibility of switching to fluoxetine prior boehringer ingelheim gmbh international withdrawal (Wilson and Lader, 2015).

Whether these abuse and withdrawal issues occur on a large scale cannot be confirmed from here but, as the EV reports were submitted spontaneously, present figures may only underestimate the magnitude of the problem. The reasons for collunosol n use of prescription drugs are complex. However, a range of factors may well facilitate this occurrence, including: perception of prescription drugs' non-medical use as being more evening primrose acceptable, less stigmatized, and safer (Hu et al.

Healthcare professionals should be vigilant when prescribing any psychotropics, including ADs (Carvalho et al. Both FS and Collunosol n topotecan the idea of the manuscript, analyzed the data here presented and drafted the manuscript.

Final responsibility of manuscript content remains with FS. We acknowledge the support offered by the EMA in providing access to the EV database. The views expressed here are those of collunosol n authors and do not necessarily reflect the EMA officers' views.

Using social listening data to monitor misuse and nonmedical use of bupropion: a content analysis. JMIR Public Health Surveill.



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