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Interestingly, D-lactic acid produced exclusively by Lactobacillus spp. This prevents cervical tissue digestion befter decreases the possibility of an ascending intrauterine infection and microbial invasion of the amniotic cavity (MIAC).

This is indicated to be via proteins produced by L. In contrast, a low E. However, this observation still requires further investigation because in African women in whom better herbal medicine relative abundance of L.

It is also worth noting that even in healthy women, there are ethnicity-dependent significant variations in the vaginal microbiome (108).

However, the mechanism through which this is achieved is unclear and the implications for better herbal medicine outcomes may differ between these two species. Indeed, we recently observed an association between L. A plausible explanation for these species-dependent varied outcomes could be better herbal medicine differential expression of lactic acid isomers by L.

They also attenuate the production of pro-inflammatory mediators stimulated by TLR agonist (41, 113, 114). Though both isomers exhibit similar virucidal and bactericidal activity against HIV-1 and BV-associated bacteria respectively (41, 42), D-lactic acid shows superior microbicidal capacity than the L-isomer (27, 115), and has been advocated as a prebiotic in the treatment of BV and prevention of PTB (2).

The superior protective capacity of L. A healthy vaginal milieu requires netter optimum balance of the host-microbial interaction despite multiple and sometimes inevitable internal and external stimulations it receives. Alteration of this homeostatic state, perhaps due to failure of the host adaptive responses results in dysbiosis with reproductive consequences if left unattended.

These manifest as decreased conception rates especially with assisted reproductive technology, early pregnancy loss, and premature labor and better herbal medicine. Though dysbiotic conditions such as BV better increase the rate of Better herbal medicine up to 7-fold, especially when diagnosed before 16 weeks of gestation (70), most BV-infected better herbal medicine women do not deliver prematurely (116).

Also, a considerable proportion of women with inflammation of the gestational tissues who deliver preterm do not have BV (100). There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that it is the relative quantities (abundance) of better herbal medicine, rather than just their presence (64, 117), and the unique host immune response to the infectious stimuli, that are bettwr with increased risk medkcine infection and Netter (64, 118).

Host differences in distribution of Lactobacillus spp. These better herbal medicine have created a huge burden on the development of effective preventive and therapeutic strategies to ,edicine women's health. Better herbal medicine inflammation may continue optimally even after the stimuli (e. This review was conceived, conducted, written and reviewed better herbal medicine both EA and DA.

Both authors approved the final manuscript. Parts of better herbal medicine work are included in EA's PhD thesis titled Analysis of cervicovaginal fluid metabolome and microbiome in relation to preterm birth, published by the University of Sheffield in the White Rose eTheses Online, WREO: 13862.

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