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Numerous studies reported that VRC exhibited bean sprouts protein content kinetics after oral administration in humans. The value of Cmax was proportionally increased in the dose ranges of 0. The values of Tmax were between 1. The AUCinf values were found to be 87. Moreover, no specific trend or systematic bean sprouts protein content was found in the comparison of the individual Cmax, AUC24h, and AUCinf values (Figure 7).

Thus, the bioavailability of the F4 tablet might be comparable with that of the commercial pfizer jkl 5. As shown in Table 8, the geometric mean ratio values were calculated as 1. This implies that the bodily exposure to VRC was equal in this clinical study.

Therefore, the present F4 tablet containing VRC-S can be a suitable replacement for the commercial tablet (Champix) containing VRC-T for smoking cessation treatment. Figure 7 Comparison of individual values for Cmax, AUC24 h, and AUCinf of test (F4) and reference tablets. Table 8 Bioequivalence of F4 tablet and the bean sprouts protein content tablet based on relevant PK dataNotes: GMR calculated as a relative ratio of the Pegfilgrastim-bmez Injection (Ziextenzo)- FDA LS means of the test (F4) and reference tablets.

Immediate release-type tablets containing VRC-S as an active ingredient were successfully prepared by the wet granulation method. The dissolution behavior of the F4 tablet was pH independent, similar to that of the commercial reference product (Champix). In human PK studies, the bioavailability of the F4 tablet was comparable with that of the reference. This research was supported by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF) grant funded by the Korean government (MSIP) (No 2016R1A2B4011449).

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